Join Groups

Groups are where it all happens! By joining a group, you join a little community of people who are there for each other and do things together. Group features include:

Discuss things relevant to the group on the group’s wall
Online Events are organized by some groups
Group Themes make it easy to find groups that are relevant to you
Ask Questions and be sure to get relevant answers from members
Group Admins are the ones who started the group, and are always there for the group

Group Walls

Go to any group and instantly get involved on the group’s wall. Group walls are active with group discussion, shared content from group members, and updates from the group admins.

Make Friends

Wherever you go in the community, you’ll find other members. Add them as friends to keep in touch with them or send them private messages.

Always Active

The community is always active! View the activity stream to see updates from groups and members. You can also post your own updates.