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We made this site because we believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God, and that he came to this world over 2000 years ago to be an example to us of what God is like, and to show us that even though we have all sinned and don’t deserve to go to heaven, because of God’s love and forgiveness, we can.

Through coming to know Jesus, we can come to know God’s plan, we can find answers to the problems in our lives, we can find purpose, and our lives can be changed for the better. This site will help you to learn about Jesus if you don’t know about him yet, and also to come to have him at the center of your life. This site is also a community, full of people who want to be a help to you. So don’t be shy, jump on in! Welcome to LetJesusHelpYou.com

Don’t Know About Jesus?

First, read these classes & learn about God’s love, forgiveness, & how his life-changing power can help you.

Once I Get to Know Jesus, then What?

This site is full of features that will be a help to you in your life. From giving you solutions to problems in your life from God’s Word, to having a supportive community for you to be a part of, this site can help you in big ways