2018 January

Acts 8:4-25

Introduction Acts 8:4-25: When the believers scattered because of persecution, they carried the Gospel with them. Philip goes to Samaria, preaches, works many miracles, converts many people, and bapti... Read More »

Matthew 18:6-20

Introduction Matthew 18:6-20: Jesus tells his disciples and followers that there will always be temptations in life, they are inevitable, but it is not right for a person to be a temptation or cause f... Read More »

Matthew 17:24-18:5

Introduction Matthew 17:24-18:5: Today’s reading begins with the collectors of the Temple tax asking Peter if his teacher paid this tax. So that nobody is offended, Jesus asks Peter to settle the Temp... Read More »

Matthew 17:1-23

Introduction Matthew 17:1-23: Jesus takes Peter, James and John up a high mountain, and there he is transfigured before them. The disciples witness Jesus’ manifested in glory, as he speaks with Moses ... Read More »

Matthew 16:1-28

Introduction Matthew 16:1-28: The Pharisees insidiously require Jesus to give them a sign. They are severely rebuked for their hypocrisy and wickedness. The disciples are cautioned to beware of them a... Read More »

Matthew 11:20-30

Introduction Matthew 11:20-30: In today’s reading, Jesus speaks to those who refuse to turn to God, warning them of God’s judgment. We read of the condemnation of Chorazin, and Bethsaida, and Capernau... Read More »

Matthew 11:1-19

Introduction Matthew 11:1-19: Jesus’ teaching and work begin to attract lots of attention. Christ, having finished his instructions to his disciples, departs to preach in different towns. John sends t... Read More »

Matthew 10:26-42

Introduction Matthew 10:26-42: In today’s passage, Jesus continues his instructions to the disciples. He encourages them to be brave, trusting that God will protect them and care for them. He cautions... Read More »

Matthew 10:1-25

Introduction Matthew 10:1-25: In today’s reading Jesus calls, commissions, and names his twelve disciples. He gives them power to heal people and cast out evil spirits. He sends them out with instruct... Read More »

Matthew 9:18-38

Introduction Matthew 9:18-38: Matthew continues with more of Jesus’ miracles. In today’s reading, Jesus brings a Jewish official’s dying daughter back to life and heals a woman who was suffering from ... Read More »

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