2018 January

Acts 28:11-31

Introduction Acts 28:11-31: Today’s reading is the last section of the book of Acts. Paul arrives in Rome, where he lives under house arrest. Paul calls the chief Jews together, and shares the faith o... Read More »

Acts 27:39-28:10

Introduction Acts 27:39-28:10: Paul’s ship hits a sandbank. The soldiers want to kill the prisoners, but the captain will not let them. People jump overboard and everyone safely reaches shore on the I... Read More »

Acts 27:13-38

Introduction Acts 27:13-38: Paul’s journey continues. They sail to reach Crete and harbor there; but having a comparatively favorable wind, they sail past Crete and meet with a tempest, and are brough... Read More »

Acts 26:19-27:12

Introduction Acts 26:19-27:12: In today’s reading, Paul continues to defend himself before Agrippa. While he is speaking, Festus interrupts him and declares him to be mad because of his abundant learn... Read More »

Acts 26:1-18

Introduction Acts 26:1-18: Today we read how Paul answers for himself before Agrippa, to whom he pays a true compliment, in order to secure a favorable hearing. He gives an account of his education fr... Read More »

Acts 9:26-43

Introduction Acts 9:26-43: Saul tries to join the disciples in Jerusalem, but they are afraid of him because they do not believe he has truly changed. In time he becomes a part of their community, pre... Read More »

Acts 9:1-25

Introduction Acts 9:1-25: Saul, on his way to Damascus, to arrest followers of Christ, is struck blind by a light. Ananias is commanded in a vision to baptize and restore Saul’s sight. Saul, having sp... Read More »

Acts 8:26-40

Introduction Acts 8:26-40: An angel of the Lord commands Philip to go towards Gaza, to meet an Ethiopian eunuch. He goes, meets, and converses with the eunuch, helps him interpret the prophecy of Isai... Read More »

John 17:1-26

Introduction John 17:1-26: Jesus prays to the Father to glorify him; he has glorified his Father by fulfilling his will upon earth, and revealing him to the disciples. Jesus prays for them, that they ... Read More »

Acts 8:4-25

Introduction Acts 8:4-25: When the believers scattered because of persecution, they carried the Gospel with them. Philip goes to Samaria, preaches, works many miracles, converts many people, and bapti... Read More »

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