2018 April

John 20:1-30

Introduction John 20:1-30: When Mary Magdalene returns to Jesus’ tomb, she sees that the stone has been rolled away. She rushes to tell others, who confirm that Jesus is gone. Then Jesus appears to Ma... Read More »

Matthew 28:1-20

Introduction Matthew 28:1-20: An angel rolls the stone from the tomb, revealing that Jesus has been raised! The women rush to tell the disciples, and on the way, they encounter the risen Christ. Later... Read More »

Matthew 27:57-66

Introduction Matthew 27:57-66: Joseph of Arimathea buries Jesus’ body, and Mary Magdalene and the other Mary keep watch at the tomb. Pilate sends soldiers to guard the tomb as well, in order to preven... Read More »

Matthew 27:27-56

Introduction Matthew 27:27-56: Soldiers mock Jesus, nail him to a cross, and then gamble for his clothes. Passersby jeer and yell, and even the criminals crucified on either side of Jesus scorn him. J... Read More »

Matthew 27:1-26

Introduction Matthew 27:1-26: Jesus is taken to Pilate and questioned. He brings Jesus before a crowd and offers them the choice of freeing a criminal or freeing Jesus. The crowd calls for Jesus to be... Read More »

Matthew 26:36-75

Introduction Matthew 26:36-75: Jesus grieves and prays at Gethsemane in preparation for his betrayal. His disciples fail him by falling asleep, revealing his identity to arresting authorities, and den... Read More »

Matthew 26:1-35

Introduction Matthew 26:1-35: Jesus prepares his disciples for his crucifixion and resurrection. As he shares a meal with his disciples, he predicts his betrayal and tells of God’s covenant and love. ... Read More »

Matthew 21:18-46

Introduction Matthew 21:18-46: Jesus tells a story of two sons to teach that people who repent for their sins and change their ways are welcome into God’s Kingdom. Even those who believe themselves to... Read More »

Matthew 21:1-17

Introduction Matthew 21:1-17: Jesus enters Jerusalem on the back of a humble donkey, to the cheers of crowds. Then he chases the moneychangers from the temple and begins healing people. In doing so, h... Read More »

John 11:45-12:11

Introduction John 11:45-12:11: The council began plotting Jesus’ death because they feared that if people started to worship him, the Romans would destroy the Jewish people. Jesus returns to Bethany, ... Read More »

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