2017 October

Psalm 46

Introduction Psalm 46: Today’s psalm is one of thanksgiving and praise. The psalmist describes God as shelter and strength who provides courage in difficult times. He then celebrates God’s... Read More »

Psalm 98

Introduction Psalm 98: Today’s psalm celebrates God’s miracles in saving the people of Israel. The psalmist proclaims his joy and invites people to sing songs, make music and more. He call... Read More »

Psalm 97

Introduction Psalm 97: Today’s psalm praises God as the supreme ruler over all the earth. All of nature responds to God, from fire and lightening to hills and heavens. God is declared to be far ... Read More »

Psalm 94

Introduction Psalm 94: This psalm cries out for justice on behalf of those who are oppressed and victimized. The psalm cautions against thinking that the success of the wicked is a sign that God is bl... Read More »

Psalm 85

Introduction Psalm 85: Today’s psalm is a communal prayer for peace. It expresses a plea for God’s mercy and offers the assurance of God’s saving love. — For the director of mu... Read More »

Psalm 75

Introduction Psalm 75: Today’s psalm praises God for all he has done and affirms his ways of justice. The psalmist says that God judges fairly and urges humility. All power comes from God, who g... Read More »

Psalm 73

Introduction Psalm 73: Today’s psalm speaks about God’s justice. The psalmist has nearly lost confidence in God because of the evil he sees in the world. But God reminds him that God’... Read More »

Psalm 72

Introduction Psalm 72: Today we begin reading from the Book of Psalms. Psalm 72 is called, “A Prayer for God to Guide and Help the King.” The prayer asks that God help the king to rule lik... Read More »

Micah 7:1-20

Introduction Micah 7:1-20: The people have been disloyal, but there is hope, for they confess their sins and declare their trust in the Lord. Restoration is promised and Micah offers a prayer for God&... Read More »

Micah 6:1-16

Introduction Micah 6:1-16: The Lord God invites the people of Israel to explain their evil actions. They have forgotten how the Lord saved them in the past, and now they are sinning against God, disre... Read More »

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