2017 November

Isaiah 12:1-6

Introduction Isaiah 12:1-6: In today’s passage, Isaiah promises that God the Savior will comfort those with whom he was once angry. God’s people will be full of joy and all the nations will hear what ... Read More »

Psalm 8

Introduction Psalm 8: This month’s devotions have invited us to reflect on Scriptures of thanks and praise. The Psalms provide particularly rich biblical resources for thanking and praising the Lord. ... Read More »

Matthew 24:29-51

Introduction Matthew 24:29-51: Today’s passage is a series of parables that Jesus uses to challenge his opponents and to tell his listeners how to be ready for God’s coming kingdom. His stories repeat... Read More »

Psalm 107

Introduction Psalm 107: Today’s psalm speaks to God’s unfailing love. It describes the Israelites’ time in the wilderness, God’s liberation of the people from slavery in Egypt and from exile in Babylo... Read More »

Psalm 104

Introduction Psalm 104: God’s wisdom, power and goodness are revealed throughout creation. From the skies to the seas, God’s majesty is everywhere. God orders all things with wisdom, creativity and ju... Read More »

Psalm 100

Introduction Psalm 100: Today the psalmist invites the entire world to sing praise to God with happy songs. He calls upon people to recognize God as Creator. When they attend worship, they should do s... Read More »

Psalm 99

Introduction Psalm 99: Today’s psalm celebrates the kingship of God over Israel and the entire world. It recalls the ways in which the Lord answered the prayers of his faithful servants, Moses, Aaron ... Read More »

Psalm 96

Introduction Psalm 96: Today’s psalm encourages hearers to praise God through joyful song, proclaiming God’s salvation and works over and over again. The psalmist lifts God above the idols of neighbor... Read More »

Psalm 95

Introduction Psalm 95: The psalmist encourages followers of God to praise God with thanksgiving and songs. He affirms God’s ownership of creation, and calls humanity his “flock.” The psalmist encourag... Read More »

Psalm 93

Introduction Psalm 93: In today’s psalm, the writer describes God as a king clothed in majesty and strength. God rules over all the earth. The ocean roars in praise to God, yet God is even more powerf... Read More »

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