2017 May

Acts 5:17-42

Introduction Acts 5:17-42: The apostles face another hearing before the council. They are released after a wise teacher argues that if their work is of their own doing, they will fail, but if it is of... Read More »

Acts 5:1-16

Introduction Acts 5:1-16: Ananias and his wife Sapphira received some money from the sale of property and led the Church to believe they were giving all the money to the apostles, when in fact they ke... Read More »

Acts 4:23-37

Introduction Acts 4:23-37: From the very beginning, the followers of Jesus meet together often to pray and to break bread. They also share all their possessions, so that no one will be in need of anyt... Read More »

Acts 4:1-22

Introduction Acts 4:1-22: The temple guard arrests Peter and John for their teachings about resurrection. They speak out and defend their Gospel message before the council. The council tells them to s... Read More »

Acts 3:11-26

Introduction Acts 3:11-26: Peter speaks in the temple. He tells the crowd that the disciples are empowered by Jesus to heal. He encourages them to turn to God and repent of their sins, trusting that G... Read More »

Acts 3:1-10

Introduction Acts 3:1-10: As we continue reading in the book of Acts, we will learn how the apostles first spread the good news in Jerusalem, the center of the Jewish religion. In today’s readin... Read More »

Acts 2:29-47

Introduction Acts 2:29-47: Peter recounts the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection, placing Jesus in the line of David as the Messiah. Peter invites the people to be baptized, and the young ch... Read More »

Acts 2:14-28

Introduction Acts 2:14-28: Peter repeats the words of the prophet Joel, saying that God’s chosen people will receive the Holy Spirit through visions and prophecy. Then he repeats David’s w... Read More »

Acts 2:1-13

Introduction Acts 2:1-13: God sends the Holy Spirit to give power and courage to the apostles. They begin to tell the good news about Jesus, which people hear in many different languages. Some people ... Read More »

Joel 2:28-3:8

Introduction Joel 2:28-3:8: The Lord pledges to give his Spirit to work wonders among the Israelites. God promises to save those who remain faithful, and pledges to bring justice to those who have bet... Read More »

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