2017 July

Psalm 103

Introduction Psalm 103: Today’s psalm offers thanksgiving for God’s many gifts: forgiveness, healing, mercy, love, justice, kindness, patience and more. God’s expansive love is great... Read More »

Philemon 1:1-25

Introduction Philemon: Today’s reading is a short letter from Paul to a church leader named Philemon. He tells Philemon that he is sending the slave Onesimus back to him. Onesimus had run away f... Read More »

John 10:22-42

Introduction John 10:22-42: Earlier in this chapter, Jesus describes himself as the Good Shepherd-the one who gives up his life for his sheep. Later, people ask Jesus to tell them plainly whether or n... Read More »

John 10:1-21

Introduction John 10:1-21: In today’s passage, Jesus uses the images of the shepherd, flock and thieves to describe the relationship between himself, his true followers, and those who want to co... Read More »

John 8:1-20

Introduction John 8:1-20: In today’s reading, the Pharisees bring a woman who had committed adultery to Jesus, calling for her to be stoned to death. Jesus responds by saying, “Whichever o... Read More »

Luke 15:11-32

Introduction Luke 15:11-32: Jesus tells a story about a son who asks his father for his inheritance. The son spends his entire inheritance and then comes to the realization that his father’s ser... Read More »

Luke 15:1-10

Introduction Luke 15:1-10: Today’s reading includes two stories about how God cares for people who are lost. In the Gospel of Luke, the ‘lost” are sinners and tax collectors who were... Read More »

Luke 14:1-14

Introduction Luke 14:1-14: Jesus heals a sick man on the Sabbath at a meal in the house of one of the leading Pharisees. The healing on the Sabbath becomes a talking point among the teachers of the La... Read More »

Luke 13:10-30

Introduction Luke 13:10-30: Jesus heals a woman and teaches about living in the Kingdom of God. He compares God’s Kingdom to a mustard seed that grows as big as a tree, and to yeast that leavens... Read More »

Matthew 18:21-35

Introduction Matthew 18:21-35: In today’s passage, Jesus teaches about forgiveness through a parable. In the story, a servant receives forgiveness for an unpaid debt to the king, but then fails ... Read More »

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