I thought the move was going to be a simple change of scenery, possibly requiring some minor adjustments at most. After all, I was returning to my home country, already knowing the language, people, and customs. If I had managed to get used to the scorching heat, spicy food, rickshaws, and monsoons of India and Nepal, where I had spent eight years as a volunteer, surely this move in the opposite direction wouldn’t be too difficult.

I was in for a surprise!

From the moment I landed back in Italy, on what was supposed to be familiar ground, the challenges began: a sense of awkwardness, like I no longer belonged there, needing to catch up with changes in society, along with some serious health problems and concerns about the future. I got dizzy entering a superstore and dreaded traveling on fast highways. A friend reassured me, saying I was probably experiencing culture shock. It helped to put a handle on this very confusing mental and physical state.

At one point, I found myself in the hospital preparing to undergo a delicate operation. I had lost all confidence in the strong person I’d felt myself to be, and I was scared.

Thankfully, it was during those lonely hours lying on my hospital bed, weak and hurting, that I was able to reconnect with heaven. I had a small New Testament with me and another devotional book that I started reading with desperation, as if my whole life depended on those words.

It brought me back to life spiritually and to new beginnings. Every word in my little books was jumping out of the pages, filling my soul with a newfound sense of clarity and direction.

By the time I left the hospital, my body was still aching, but my heart and spirit weren’t the same.

I slowly gained strength, a little more each day, and eventually went on to another fulfilling phase in my life.

Every time I look back at that very trying and debilitating period, I’m thankful I “got lost” for a while, as it renewed my passion and prepared me for my next job.


  1. Jeffrey Tan
    February 6, 2018, 8:54 pm   /  Reply

    It is so sad to read the devotion without the words of God from the Bible. it is my third appeal to include a few verses for reference. This is my third appeal. Please do consider to bring the words of God back to your devotion. Blessings. Jeffrey from Singapore.

  2. James Marlowe II
    February 6, 2018, 11:30 pm   /  Reply

    Several months ago, reading my daily devotional was inspiring, it included Gods words in Scripture.
    Today’s devotion is left open ended and without finish. Nothing more than a slightly feel good story. I have given several chances to see that the word of God has come back into your devotional but it appears there is no intention to do that. Thank you for the past benefit I have received but it is time to move on to a more applicable devotional for my day.

  3. Avis
    February 7, 2018, 12:30 am   /  Reply

    Thank you for this passage. Alot of times we do get overwhelmed with the cares of this world. And it causeto take my focus off of God. But like you when i get to it, i have to go right back him. But i am getting tired of missing my blessings because when i loss my focus,, i miss out the best change that happens in my life and that is Jesus. And when i move and replace God with others gods i miss out on the blessing God have for me and i have to start all over again. But if i stand, i know i will still see a might move of God in my life. So i thank you for the passage because it let me see me

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