The Reason Why

By Nyx Martinez: 

When I closed my eyes, I could almost see a red and orange flame licking in front of my face. The raging heat of my fever was that intense.

Why me? Why now? I wondered. The day before, I had suffered headaches. I suspected sunstroke, an affliction I’m very susceptible to. That it could be measles had never crossed my mind. But alas, when the virus blanketed my whole body with a bright red rash, the diagnosis was obvious. I was in the sickbed, photophobic, unable to open my eyes.

Only seconds after the rash had broken out–or so it seemed–my talent agent had called to inform me that I had been cast for a TV commercial that needed to be recorded the next day.

That’s great, I told myself angrily. It would’ve been perfect, except that now I’ve got the measles! I waited for that phone call for weeks, and now they call me! Now! Why now? I was perfectly healthy for months before!

And so there I lay, in bed with the blinds pulled down and my shades pulled up, with a near-migraine and a fever so high that I didn’t need a thermometer to tell me I was burning up. I found myself toying with the idea that this was a good time to blame God for the bad timing and everything else that had gone wrong lately.

I had also found that it doesn’t work to blame disaster on God; where I have a question, He has a very good reason why.

Instead, I finally decided to pray and ask the Lord if He wanted to tell me anything. I was so sick I could hardly think, so a friend of mine asked the Lord for a message for me, and He gave one. It was beautiful, and eventually went into my treasured collection of letters from the Lord. A portion of that message said:

“All things that I do have a purpose. I know how you’ve had your heart set on going tomorrow [to act in that commercial], but it is not My will for you right now. … I will let you have that opportunity again. … Just be patient and it will come. This time you have to rest should be spent with Me. I have so many things that I would like to share with you. You just have to listen. I love you, My child, and this sickness will only last a short while. I promised you rest when you’re weary, and I will give you just that. I will never leave you nor forsake you; just cast your burden on Me.”

And so I rested, because God said to. And I cast my burden on Him, because He said to do that, too. I forgot my anger, rolled over, went to sleep, and I endured the next few days of doing battle with the measles. I also managed a faint smile most of the time, because there really wasn’t any point in taking out my frustrations on those around me.

Now I see God’s perfect timing in everything. The day after I had completely recovered, I was thrown into a hectic schedule and thanked the Lord for that week of spiritual and physical rest. I had also found that it doesn’t work to blame disaster on God; where I have a question, He has a very good reason why.

And I found out one more thing: He keeps His promises. The agent called again to set up another appointment. The Lord promised that in the message my friend got for me when I was sick, didn’t He? It proves that when you spend time with the Lord and put your trust in Him, He plans a perfect schedule.

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