Time Out

By Nyx Martinez: 

My mind raced. Two o’clock. I had just finished my business appointments and suddenly realized how little cash I had on me. At the mall with only a few cents in my pocket, I was half an hour from my workshop at the voice academy. Without bus fare, I wasn’t going to make it. I didn’t even have enough to get home.

I paced through the mall, frantic, desperate, frustrated. How did I get myself into this mess?

Then, amid the inner turmoil came a familiar voice. Stop! Yes, just stop and listen.

To what? I fired back.

Listen to Me. And listen to yourself freaking out like that! The worst thing in the world is to keep on going when you don’t know what to do.

Jesus had my attention. Okay, Lord, You’re right.–I don’t know what to do, I confessed.

So stop. And trust Me.

It seemed to make sense. What did I have to lose? I stopped and prayed, “Dear Jesus, I’m trying to trust You. Please, help me out.” What I wanted, of course, was to see some money appear out of nowhere. It doesn’t have to be a lot–just enough to get me to the voice academy and home.

Now when my head is spinning out of control I know that all I have to do is to take time out, to stop and listen and get the Lord’s help.

I looked around for something–anything. Nothing. I felt stupid. Still, I really should give the Lord more than a few seconds to answer my prayer.

Trust Me, He said again. There’s plenty of time before your workshop starts.

Plenty of time for a miracle? I wasn’t so sure.

I slowed my pace to “trusting” speed and hoped that would also calm my racing spirit. The frustration eased. I even started to sing to myself. The voice seemed to be directing my steps, telling me what corners to turn in the huge mall.

Then there they were, sitting inside a restaurant right in front of me. I had met Joy and Honey just weeks before. They were runway and commercial models, the only female identical twins in the local industry. They spotted me and waved, excited about this chance encounter.

Or was it?

An hour later, we said goodbye and I was on my way. Jesus had indeed dropped money out of nowhere, but in His own way. Joy had asked me to sketch them together and insisted on paying for the on-the-spot portrait.

I now had the cash I needed. I made it to my workshop with time to spare. I made it safely home. And I had that little voice to thank.

Now when my head is spinning out of control–Now how did I get myself into this mess?–I know that all I have to do is to take time out, to stop and listen and get the Lord’s help.

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