Have you ever wondered why it’s so important for Christians to read the Bible and to have an understanding of God’s Word? This section explores some of the many compelling reasons for reading and studying God’s Word.

The Bible, Written by Divine Inspiration

Have you ever wondered how the Bible came about? Second Timothy 3:16 says, “All scripture is given by inspiration of God” (KJV). Similar to how a pianist is inspired to compose music or an artist is inspired to paint a beautiful picture, those who wrote the books of the Bible were inspired by God to write them. God knew how important it would be to record the history of His people, because He knew that the true accounts of these men and women would be important for His people of future generations to read about.

And of course the many recorded promises of God to His children and the miracles that God performed throughout Bible times inspire and strengthen our faith in a very alive God who continues to perform miracles, both big and small, in the lives of His people today!

The Bible is full of direction and counsel on how to follow God’s plan for our lives today.

There are many prophecies within the Bible that have been fulfilled and many more yet to be fulfilled.
These can help us to be prepared for the future.

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