As you can see, the Word is so valuable, and yet it can be all too easy at times to get familiar with it and to fail to realize the value of what we have access to.

Pretty Pictures

There was once a story of a very ignorant Scottish woman who had lived most of her life way back in the hill country of Scotland, and who was so poor she was unable to pay her rent, and so had to depend upon her church to take care of it for her.

One day when her pastor, a very kindhearted man, brought the rent to her, he said, “Mrs. McKintrick, you will pardon me if I speak very plainly to you about something: Your friends who are helping you with the rent cannot understand why it is that your son does not support you. I understand that he has a very good position in Australia, and that he is a good boy and loves you dearly. Is this not the case?”

“Oh yes,” said the mother, “and he never forgets me, for every week he writes me the most loving letter; I would like for you to see one of his letters.”

Curious to know more of such a son, who could so love a mother and yet leave her without support, the pastor instantly signified that he would be glad to hear some of the letters. Soon the woman returned with two packages, one of which she put in the pastor’s hands and said, “These are his letters.” The pastor was untying the faded string about them when she said, “With every letter he always sends me a pretty picture. They aren’t very big, and just fit nicely in the letter, but it shows he thinks about me.”

The pastor lifted his head, interested at once. A picture in every letter? He was more curious than ever! “May I see them also?”

“Oh, surely,” she answered. “Some are of a man’s head, some of a man sitting on a horse, and a number of them have the king’s picture on them. See, this one here is the king of England—long live the king!”

“Long live your son!” said the astonished pastor. “My dear friend, do you know that you are a rich woman? These are banknotes; this is money. You have wealth here; and to think of how you have suffered and done without, when right here in the house all the time you had riches and thought they were just pretty pictures!”

Virginia Brandt Berg, Streams that Never Run Dry

Christians have access to an incredible amount of spiritual wealth through the Word of God, and yet it’s sad to think of the times we live in spiritual poverty because we don’t see the Word of God for what it’s really worth.

Dwight L. Moody said, “I never saw a useful Christian who was not a student of the Bible. If a person neglects the Bible, there is not much for the Holy Spirit to work with. We must have the Word.”

The secret to a good, meaningful, purposeful life is reading and living the Word of God.

A Perfect Prescription


A woman of nervous temperament visited the world-renowned physician, Dr. Howard A. Kelly. The cares of life threatened her physical strength and even her reason. Having given her symptoms to the physician, she was greatly astonished at his prescription:

“Madam, what you need is to read the Bible more!”

“But, Doctor—” began the bewildered woman.

“Go home and read your Bible an hour a day,” the great man reiterated with kindly authority, “then come back to me a month from today.”

At first, the woman was inclined to be angry. But she reflected with a pang of conscience that she had neglected the daily reading of God’s Word, and “the secret place of the most High,” where formerly she communed with her Lord. In coming back to her God, and His Word, the joys of her salvation returned.When she presented herself to the doctor a month later, he said, “Well, I see you have been an obedient patient. Do you feel as if you need any other medicine now?”

“No, Doctor, I feel like a different person. But how did you know what I needed?”

Taking up his own worn and well-marked Bible, he said, “If I would omit my daily reading of God’s Word, I would not only lose my joy, but I would lose my greatest source of strength and skill. … Your case called not for medicine, but for a source of peace and strength outside your own mind. My prescription, when tried, works wonders!”

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