Love Transforms

John 15:9 As the Father loved Me, I also have loved you: abide in My love.

An ancient story in Church history tells of the apostle John. He would constantly repeat the words, “Little children, love one another.” And his disciples became weary of the phrase. Finally, in his old age, as John was being carried to their assembly, the disciples asked him, “Why do you always repeat these same words?”

“Because, friends,” John replied, “it is the Lord’s commandment—and if only this one were fulfilled, it would be enough.”

What is the greatest witness we Christians have to the world around us? I can tell you it’s not our words of wisdom, though they may be wonderful. It’s not our knowledge of the Scripture, though it may be vast. It’s not our material giving, though it may be great.

The greatest witness we have is the kind of love that the Bible defines above. Have we been patient and kind with others? Perhaps instead, we’ve been envious, boastful, proud, rude, self-seeking or easily angered. I know I have. Have we kept a record of wrongs? Have we delighted in evil? Ugh. When we express the true love of God, we always rejoice in the truth, protect, trust, hope, and persevere.

Love never fails. Love can turn evil to good, darkness into light, and enemies to friends. True love can totally transform the world around us.

The love and kindness that we share with others lives on in their hearts forever. In fact, it seems that even some animals remember kindness that is shown toward them! How neat is that?

Love is never forgotten.

Prayer: Jesus, I want to love people in the same way that You love me. I want to treat others the way I would want to be treated, and I want to remember that every person I come in contact with is important to someone, and most of all, every person is important to You. But, even though this is what I want, I fall so short. At times my love runs out, so I ask You to please teach me how to love with Your love. Please fill my heart with Your love for others, amen.

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