A Personal Friendship With God Through Jesus

Imagine what it would be like to have a friend who you could tell anything to without worrying that he would think you’re weird. Imagine having a friend who knows everything about you—all the good and the bad—but loves you anyway; a friend who encourages you during the rough times; a friend who helps you attain your personal goals and dreams; a friend who cares about you so much that your long-term happiness is more important to him than your temporary state of being; a friend whose advice you can always trust, because you know that he has your best interests in mind.—This is the kind of friend that you can find in Jesus, and through Him you can develop a warm and close friendship with God.

But as with the best and most long-lasting friendships, it requires effort on our part.

Salvation has set this friendship in motion, but that’s only the beginning.

Jesus wants us to experience a fulfilling and happy life, and He knows that the only way for that to happen is if we have a close connection with Him.

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